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Why choosing Simplyfile

Corporate records management is not within everyone's reach! We are committed to providing a world-class service to all our customers and are constantly looking for ways to increase our performance levels.

The entire life of your business is stored in your files (whether digital or physical), and maintaining, storing, sorting, filing and safekeeping your documents provides easy and quick access to your information. Our team strives to provide you with the most suitable management and storage options tailored to your needs: on-site, off-site, physical or digital files, and more.

Records stored in companies are often classified under conditions falling far below standard. As a storage service provider for your physical documents and digital files, We Simplyfile supports and helps you improve your document processes.

We take care of all the details and mundane chores related to the classification of your administrative and personal documents. Choose We Simplyfile to store your files where professionalism and initiative are acknowledged.

Why Simplyfile

Improve Office Space
Storing your documents off-site or digitally allows you to free up space in your office and carry out significant savings.

Reduction in Storage Costs
Moving offsite documents or storing them electronically allows you to maximize your office space while providing immediate access to the information you need.

Improvements in Security
We Simplyfile is able to maintain the completeness and continuity of archived documents. Off-site document storage facilities are highly secure with the latest security technologies such as video surveillance, advanced digital solutions and strict access controls.

Legal Compliance Guaranteed
Storage providers are aware of and comply with all federal, regional and local information security regulations, ensuring a high level of protection for your personal information.

Increased Productivity
Removing unnecessary documents from the office and getting organized, will help employees quickly find the documents they are looking for, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity for all.